We have the pleasure to present You a new investment venture implemented in Nałęczów.
A Spa Housing Estate  is being built a few hundred meters from the spa center - a complex of multi-family buildings in a stylish, beautiful architecture, referring to the historic, Nałęczów villas.

Due to a short distance from the centre which includes sanatoriums and spa houses, beauty treatments and rehabilitation places, restaurants and dance halls, and other numerous entertainments, the Spa Housing Estate together with traffic routes and necessary infrastructure, will make a very modern and at the same time stylish place in Nałęczów, attractive  both for residents and Spa guests. We want this place to combine prestige and elegance with functionality and modernity. The Spa housing estate is not a cluster of individual buildings, but a complex establishment meeting the expectations of various people, both those who are seeking a place to reside, as well as those who are interested in investing in flats rental or in using them only seasonally.  

The emerging buildings will give place for flats and service units of the area of  42 m2 too 108 m2. The investment project also includes traffic routes, parking space, estate fencing, management of green areas, small architecture, leisure areas development, sports equipment rental for the inhabitants’ needs and using different  Spa facilities. 
Using its natural and therapeutic properties, Nałęczów is rapidly developing as a tourist resort with a huge potential with respect to spa and medical tourism. In the coming years, this investment is bound to be an outstanding and successful venture.
You are welcome to get acquainted with the investment characteristics in the subsequent parts of this article.

Information about the investment project: Nałęczów Spa Housing Estate Implemented in Nałęczów withi

1. Information about Nałęczów
2. Location of the Estate
3. Basic information on the Spa Housing Estate, estate plan
4. Flats for sale
5. Leasing management
5.1. tenancy management services
5.2. market analysis
5.3. expected income
6. Tourist attractions in the region
7. Spa and medical tourism
8. For sport enthusiasts
9. Presentation of the developer –  MAKK Polska company

1. Information about Nałęczów

Nałęczów is an extremely attractive place, both as a place to live and also to develop tourism. An investment in buying a flat in this area will undoubtedly bring the owner a great satisfaction, and in  case of purchasing a flat for rent - some tangible benefits as well.

Nałęczów is a special place.
Apart from the magnificent landscapes, the treasure of  Nałęczów are the local waters, whose therapeutic properties were discovered in the early nineteenth century. In 1878  a spa was founded in the form in which it exists today.  Nałęczów quickly became a very popular and fashionable place. Since 1880, numerous guests have been coming here, including prominent persons, artists, politicians and writers. Along with the not too distant Kazimierz Dolny, it still remains the Mecca for artistic bohemia. As a thriving resort it is visited by thousands of people from Poland and abroad.

Due to the fact that actually it is a city – park, we can every day enjoy the wonderful surroundings and unique landscape, which positively affects our emotional state. A large amount of greenery and a sense of space soothe the nerves, make you relax and calm down, reduce stress levels. A perfect place to live.

Nałęczów with its surroundings is  a unique region even on an European scale. It has a unique, extremely varied area. The terrain is ranked  as the  one of  the most intense variety in Europe, having 11 km of gorges per one square kilometer. In the ravines and gorges, streams flow from cracks in the rocks, creating a distinctive, moist microclimate. Flowing rivers, loess soils and very rich vegetation affect the high ionization of the air, which gave rise to creation of a climate - cardiologic spa, the only one in Poland.

Known for over 200 years, mineral waters in Nałęczów are a natural means of natural medicine. They are used for Balneological treatment, but also for direct consumption and for the production of mineral water. Mineral water ‘ Nałęczowianka’ and ‘Cisowianka’ are recognizable brands in Poland and abroad.

The turn of the nineteenth century brought Nałęczów a lot of  beautiful buildings. Some ancient villas in the Swiss, Zakopane and Świdermajer style, the architectural gems of Nałęczów, come from that period. Also the  sanatorium buildings  located in the heart of the spa resort  charm with their architecture, also beautifully integrated in the  park facilities. The city is entered in the register of the monuments of the Lublin province, as an architectural and landscape group.

Nałęczów has about 4300 inhabitants. The city is a very friendly place for everyday life. It has a very good infrastructure, necessary commercial, educational establishments, services and offices situated just a step away, without traffic jams and tiring commuting . At the same time, the metropolitan facilities of  Lublin are situated only 23 km away, and it takes no more than 20 minutes to get there. Due to the S17 expressway and  the bus facility  ‘Naleczów’ located 10 km from the city center, the city is comfortably connected with Lublin and Warsaw. Nałęczów  has also convenient railway connections. All trains running along the route Warsaw - Lublin, also the express ones, stop at the Nałęczów station.
The city has kindergartens, elementary schools, ( 5 schools in the city and the district villages), lower-secondary schools ( 3 schools in the city and the district villages), and secondary schools, including a high school and a vocational high school. Undoubtedly, the most famous Nałęczów school is Józef Chełnoński High School of Fine Arts. The graduates of that school successfully promote the city and the artistic traditions of Nałęczów by their artistic activities carried out in different parts of the country and the world.
Apart from  numerous spa facilities, there are 5 clinic centres and 5 pharmacies. There are  nearly 30 doctors and more than a dozen dentists practising here. There are private, reputable clinics, spas, beauty salons. More details concerning this issue can be found in the section SPA AND MEDICAL TOURISM.

Nałęczów is a city of cultural and sports events organized for residents and patients. The heart of the spa is the Spa Park - a place for walks for lovers of beautiful places and architecture. The climate cafes and restaurants, local cinema, cultural center, many social and cultural initiatives give the town a special charm and unique atmosphere. There are museums, libraries, galleries, regular concerts and festivals. There are areas and facilities available to practice different  sports, from swimming pools to  ski lifts. According to the ranking for 2012, Nałęczów provided over 200 000  accommodations for overnight stays, most of all administrative districts of the Lublin province. More information about the facilities and attractions of the region are presented in the subsequent parts of this report.

2. Localisation of the Estate

Nałęczów Spa Housing Estate  is a place that combines the advantages of living in a modern residential area with proximity of intimate nature. It is a secluded place, beautifully situated in terms of landscape and nature, at the same time offering convenient and quick way to get to the center of the spa.
Wiercieńskiego street leads from the center of Nałęczów to the Spa Housing Estate. The street begins at the intersection of the ‘Energetyk’ hotel and runs to the borders of Nałęczów, then as a local road it leads to Wąwolnica. Wiercieńskiego street is an asphalt road. Along the street there is a new pavement.
There is a distance of 800m  from the intersection at the ‘Energetyk’ hotel ( the western edge of the Spa Park) to the estate.
The axis of the Spa Housing Estate is an estate street, running in the  north - south direction, projecting perpendicularly from Wiercieńskiego street, at the height of the property marked No. 60.

The area of the plots of the Spa Housing Estate  is slightly slanting  in the south-east direction  (good sunlight). The area is smooth, located within the plateau, with extensive views. The denivelations within the first part of the estate do not exceed 1 m.  Such topography of the land surface prevents  hollows of cold air and allows its gentle flow into the valley of the Bystra  river, enabling favorable microclimate conditions, both in terms of health and living conditions.
Sample distances:
Spa Park 900 m
Town Hall 1,5 km
Kazimierski Landscape Park. 0 km
Sanctuary in Wąwolnica 3 km
Nałęczów Railway Station 3 km
Kazimierz Dolny nad Wisłą 20 km,
Lublin 23 km
Distance to road  S17 Lublin – Warszawa 12 km
Lublin airport 35 km

3. Basic information on the Spa Housing Estate Estate plan

The Spa Housing Estate, is a complex of multi-family buildings in a stylish, beautiful architecture, referring to the historic, Nałęczów villas. This distinctive, original architectural style is described as Świdermajer – using the term attributed to Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński. The characteristic features of the  buildings on offer are facades  painted in pastel shades with lots of natural wood, attention to detail and aesthetics, careful arrangement of green areas. In case of flats located on the ground floor, the lawn surrounding the building constitutes a natural extension of the terrace. The garden and terrace areas make it possible to arrange places to relax and to find space for children to  play.
The housing estate complex will be fenced and the gate will be locked. There have been planned a sufficient number of parking places around the buildings and along the main traffic route - the housing estate axis.
The newly created investment is intended both for those who want to live permanently in Nałęczów , as well as for those who plan to buy flats for lease, also taking into consideration a possibility of using them for recreational purposes. To make the best use of the premises, it will be undoubtedly helpful to use the Leasing Management Services. The details of this service are described in the section LEASING MANAGEMENT, later in this offer .

The first stage of implementing the Spa Housing Estates project involves the construction of 6 stylish, multi-family residential buildings, according to the presented plan. There are 44 flats and  residential and commercial premises planned in the building. The buildings are constructed in compliance with three original projects.

Project  A
Villa ‘Zdrój’ ( ‘Spa’), Building No. 1, situated nearest Wiercińskiego street. There are four two-storey apartments with the area of 102, 103, 106 and 108 m2 designed for this building.  Each apartment has a terrace on the ground floor and a balcony on the upper floor.

Project B
Villa ‘Poranek” (‘Dawn’) , Building No. 3. There are 8 apartments of different area from 42 to 70 m2 designed for this building. This is a two-storey building with a distinctive little tower containing one floor more. This unit (a bedroom, study ) belongs to one of the apartments.

Project C
(in various configurations of flats in relation to the staircase.)
Villa ‘Lawenda’ (‘Lavender’), Building No. 2 There are  8 flats of the area of  48 - 50 m2 designed for this building. (living room, bedroom, kitchen ). Each flat on the ground floor has a terrace, and the flats on the upper floor have balconies facing the east, the west and the south.
Villa ‘Chaber’ (‘Cornflowe’), Building No. 4
Twinning project to the villa ‘Lavender’
Villa ‘Narcyz’ (‘Narcissus’), Building No 5, villa ‘Krokus’ (‘Crocus’), building No. 6 The project is a variant of Building No. 2. Units of the area from 48 to 50 m2, with a possibility of connecting them and using as commercial premises.

At the request of the owners, the arrangement of partition walls can be altered also in other buildings. At the stage of construction  we are able to match the interior layout, or combine adjacent units in a larger one. If there is a requirement for a larger area,  we offer flats within one storey or duplex apartments. Detailed information concerning the floor plan and area of flats can be found at  www.zdrojoweosiedle.pl →  bookmark ‘premises plans’. The website also contains a number of visualizations of buildings and flats that will help to appreciate the architectural accuracy of our offer and its unique qualities. You are also welcome to see the mock-up of the estate.

There is a separate parking space intended for each residential unit. There will be a children's playground, tennis court, recreational area with exercise equipment (open gym), sport equipment rental. The recreational area is planned on a plot adjacent to the north to the site of the building No. 6 ( Villa ‘Krokus’)
Furthermore, due to the contract between the Spa Housing Estate and the Nałęczów Spa, each resident will have an opportunity to benefit from the Spa package ( treatments offered by the Nałęczów Spa ) on special, preferential terms.

The plot adjacent to  Wiercieńskiego street ( to the left of the entrance to the estate ) is intended for  a larger commercial building referring to the form of the whole estate, targeted at the needs of residents and taking into account the spa nature of Nałęczów. A potential construction of an underground garage with boxes for the residents of this part of the estate is also taken into consideration.

The presented investment project constitutes one third of the total investment, which is the Spa Housing Estate.
The next stages of the estate development  are buildings of the same architecture located in the north. The whole target establishment remaining in compliance with the development plan includes  several buildings with a total of about 130 flats.

The preparatory construction works were carried out in 2013.
The work on the construction of the first buildings started in the spring of 2014.
The first apartments will be ready at the turn of 2014/2015.

4. Sale of flats

The cost of the offered units is gross amount of PLN 5200 - 5500 /m2. The differentiation of prices is due to the attractiveness factor applied to individual premises (location) and their size (the lower price of m2 for larger units). There are also additional possible discounts taking into account the time and the amount of the paid installments and the progress of the investment. Flats are sold in a developer standard, described in detail in Annex ‘DESCRIPTION OF THE STANDARD’.
Detailed information about the availability and prices of specific units can be found on www.zdrojoweosiedle.pl → bookmark ‘available premises’.
We are convinced that the offered price is attractive, taking into account the architectural solutions applied in the project and the standard of the Spa Housing Estates. The proposed price concerns a residential unit, including participation in the ground, it also includes a parking space, residential fencing, development of green areas, small architecture, arrangement of recreational areas and other elements of the offer.

The first step of the sale of flats is concluding a preliminary sale agreement. The agreement is concluded in a form of a notarial  deed and contains a commitment by both parties. The preliminary agreement specifies, among others:
• purchase price
• legal status of the property
• specification of the location and significant features of the building in which the residential unit is located
• specification of the location of the residential unit in a building;
• specification of the area and layout of rooms and the scope and standard of finishing works
• dates of commencement and completion of construction works and the project schedule
• obligation to separate the residential unit and to transfer of ownership, the date of transfer of the right to the unit  to the purchaser
• the amount, time and other conditions for the payment settlement  by the buyer for the benefit of the developer
• information on the trust account and the bank guarantee

A conclusion of the preliminary agreement may be preceded by  conclusion of a reservation agreement in compliance with the principles of a civil contract. Conclusion of a reservation agreement allows the buyer to  book a selected unit at an early stage of the project, it also allows him to start trying to obtain a housing loan.

Currently, we started to conclude reservation or preliminary agreements for apartments in the buildings 1 , 2 and 3, and booking agreements for units in other buildings.

5. Lease management

Weighing up the offer and prospects of the Nałęczów Spa Housing Estate it is worth considering a possibility of investing money in purchasing a flat intended for a lease. It allows you  to gain tangible financial benefits and it does not exclude using it occasionally for such purposes as recreation and holiday.
Below we present:
basic assumptions of the lease management service
analysis of the Nałęczów market
analysis of the expected income.

You are going away and you have no time to look after your flat?

5.1. Lease management service

Taking into account a group of investors who will purchase flats and apartments for lease, the MAKK Polska  company offers a  Property Lease Management service  in the periods when the owners will not use them for their own needs. Such a  service, due to its evident advantages, more and more often  displaces the individual  flat and house rental. A professionally trained manager is in charge of the entire process of preparing a residential unit  for lease, service and rent settlement. In this way, we help the owner of the property to gain a regular income, enjoy comfort and save time.

The offer of the lease operator – the MAKK Polska company involves the following services:
property insurance
advertising  the property lease service
providing  the owner and tenants with current information (in a form of an access to the management program) on the occupancy rate and accessibility of apartments
supervision of an apartment on arrival and departure
concluding contracts with tenants in terms of granting a power of attorney
complex tenant service  from booking to settlement
providing care and assistance for guests throughout their stay
providing sports equipment and Spa package
apartament cleaning service
monitoring the technical condition of the flat, troubleshooting
reporting profits every three months

The offer applies to long-term and short-term (one day) lease.
We also offer:
monitoring of the flat which is not rented
•     preparing the flat for the arrival of the owners and tenants according to individual indications ( interior design, supplies, booking attractions outside the Housing Estate )
We suggest a commission settlement specified in the contract for the lease management service. It also regulates the time of its duration, the amount of the deposit for the tenant, the rent, the methods of settling the media charges, deadlines, as well as all relevant obligations of the parties.

5.2. Market analysis

The flats and apartments of the Spa Housing Estate will provide a flexible complement to the existing hotels and  residential units in Nałęczów, which are currently insufficient with the constantly developing fashionable and well-known spa resort with a unique climate. It should be emphasized that Nałęczów is a place of a year-round tourist traffic. This is due to both numerous year-round tourist attractions, opportunities for summer and winter sports, as well as the functioning Spa and Sanatorium facilities, and also the renowned, specialized medical centers. A ‘fashion’ for Nałęczów is also ever-lasting among artistic bohemians and economic elites.
Medical tourism, spa qualities,  fashion for an active lifestyle make the spa resort develop dynamically , attracting  tourists from the whole country and Europe. According to the ranking  for 2012, Nałęczów provided over 200 000  accommodations for overnight stays, most of all administrative districts of the Lublin province.  The average use of facilities exceeded 60 %, reaching in some cases the level of 90%. The studies of the  Local Tourist Organisation show that one of the indicated directions of development is ‘ ... the need to increase the number of accommodation of a high standard,  which could be mostly used by foreign tourists ...’.  This gap can be filled  by the Spa Housing Estate, with new, modern premises in a stylish, Nałęczów architecture. A comfortable, prestigious, well- situated housing estate with a rich package of benefits ( reception, spa package, bike rental, cross-country ski rental, nordic walking equipment rental, tennis court, gym).
It is also significant that Nałęczów, apart from its own values, provides complementary accommodation for the nearby Kazimierz Dolny, which - due to its charm and numerous artistic and cultural events - attracts so many tourists that it becomes a crowded place .
In the near future the attractiveness of Nałęczów will be enhanced  by improving its accessibility. Communication  with Warsaw and Lublin, thanks to the S17 expressway and road junction ‘Nałęczów’, will surely bring new visitors. At the same time, completion of the construction of a new bridge over the Vistula River, which will join Solec nad Wisłą and Kamień and the reconstruction of road 747 will increase the attractiveness of the region, providing new opportunities for hiking trips.

5.3. Expected income

The conducted financial analysis, taking into  account on the one hand  the cost of buying a flat, the cost of redecoration,  management and operating costs, and on the other hand, income from the lease,  indicate that such an investment will bring tangible benefits to the investor

A detailed Profit and Loss Account was drawn up in order to analyze the profitability of the business plans. It shows that the total return of the  invested capital will take place in the tenth- twelfth year of the enterprise.
The simulation for the period 2015 - 2026 was carried out for a short-term lease, taking into account the 60 % use of the premises.
A detailed analysis of profit and loss for a particular unit for particular  years and months will be presented during meetings with our advisors. We hope that it will help to make a decision about buying flats and apartments within the Spa Housing Estate investment.

Good investments pay off over the years

6. Tourist attractions in the region

There is no exaggeration in claiming that Nałęczów is an ideal place for people with a taste for life. Throughout the year, ‘the Land of Loess Gorges’, as the Nałęczów region is described,   has a lot of attractions to offer. No wonder it attracts not only new inhabitants but also thousands of visitors  from all over Poland and more and more foreign tourists.
The most unique attractions include:

  • unusual network of loess gorges in Kazimierski Park Krajobrazowy (Kazimierz Landscape  Park)  stretching just outside Nałęczów borders
  • Małopolski Przełom Wisły ( the Małopolska Vistula Gorge) – stunning lookout points, bird habitats on the Vistula isles, picturesque quarries on the costal slopes,  a possible cruise on the river
  • Nałęczów unique climate, mineral and therapeutic waters, historic spa facilities, and ‘Nałęczów Villas’, the palm house, Prus  and  Żeromski museum
  • Nałęczów Narrow Gauge Railway
  • the trail of water mills of the Bystra River
  • Wąwolnica sanctuary with a miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary, the centre of religious worship, the place where the entire system of buildings is covered by a conservation protection
  • the Puławy palace and the park complex, the Vistula river marina  
  • the Wojciechów blacksmithing museum - the only one in Poland
  • Monuments of the town  Kazimierz nad Wisłą and its picturesque, unique urban layout, numerous galleries and art studios
  • The ruins of the castles in Janowiec, Bochotnica, Kazimierz available for tourists
  • mansions and palaces in Niezdów, Kluczkowice, Karczmiska, Janowiec, Celejów

The most important cyclical events:

  • ‘Belcanto’ vocal festival in Nałęczów
  • International Folklore Meetings in Nałęczów
  • Nałęczów Divertimento
  • Picnic with Mr Prus in Nałęczów
  • International Baloon Competition in Nałęczów
  • Film and Art Festival ‘Two Sides’ - Kazimierz Dolny – Janowiec
  • National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny
  • National Blacksmiths Meeting in  Wojciechów and National Blacksmith Workshops
  • National UFO picnic in  Emilcin
  • Vistula Beer Festivity in Wilków
  • International Jazz Workshops in Puławy
  • and numerous picnics, festivals, workshops, local open air sessions.

7. Medical and spa tourism

A great majority  of  guests visiting  Nałęczów are  associated with spa tourism.
Nałęczów is the only spa in Poland of exclusively cardiological nature. The diseases which are treated here are mostly: coronary artery disease, hypertension, cardiac neuroses and general exhaustion psychophysical states. In Nałęczów there are  also  good conditions for the rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction and cardiac surgery. .
Apart from sanatorium treatment, a lot of people, also from abroad, visit Nałęczów in order to seek a medical help. There are a lot of  local and Lublin doctors who practice here. There are excellent, renowned health care centres functioning in Nałęczców:
Eye Surgery Health Care Centre – professor  Z. Zagórski
Plastic Surgery Centre   Maciej Kuczyński M.D.
Orthopaedics , Traumatology and Rehabilitation Health Care Centre  ARTHROS, with an excellent team of doctors led by  Krzysztof Gawęda M.D.
professor  Karski’s Internal Diseases Clinic
Invasive Cardiology Health Care Center IKARDIA,  the head of which is  Jarosław Wójcik M.D.
Cardiology Spa Hospital
Railway Spa Hospital
Rehabilitation Centre  ‘Werandki’

A wide range of treatments is offered by the Health Care Centre  ‘Spa Nałęczów’, Independent Health Care Centres ‘Klinika’ (Clinic Hospital), ‘Luxmed’ Wellness Centre ‘Swoboda’, several  dentists.

There are slimming treatments, cardiology treatments, orthopedic rehabilitation, physiotherapy, the program ‘diagnosis for a businessman’. The offer also includes  spas, swimming pool, salt caves,  massage centres, wellness and fitness centres. It is also possible to use a cryogenic chamber, thanks to which, the Nałęczów Spa offers general  cryotherapy treatments applicable in medicine, in dealing with sick people, but they are  also intended for healthy people who practice extreme or recreation sports.

The successful existing centres will encourage the establishment of  more such institutions and the related increase in demand for a base of available accommodation.

Links of selected medical centers :


8. For sport enthusiasts

  • Ski jums in  Rąblów, Parchatka, Kazimierz, Celejów
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Bike routes
  • Cross-biking routes
  • Hiking trails
  • Nordic walking trails
  • Rope Park in Kazimierz
  • Water motorsports (motor boats on the Vistula River in Kazimierz, a modern marina in  Puławy)
  • Canoeing  on the Chodelka or Vistula Rivers
  • Balooning (Nałęczów)
  • Driving off-road vehicles
  • Riding Club in Wąwolnica (2 km)
  • Golf course
  • Tennis courts

Links of selected sport centers :